Ultimate Pro-Trader




For the trader serious about taking their trading to the pro-level – welcome to the ultimate, all-access Day Trading Pro course. This course includes complete access to the Day Trading Starter’s and Day Trade Essentials lesson plans as well as 5 LIVE market trading lesson materials, a complete guide to the fundamentals of day trading, and Guy’s guide to building day trading strategies.

*This course is perfect for everyone from beginners to more seasoned traders. 


* Beginners welcomed. No previous trading experience is required for this course.

What’s Included:

LIVE Market Trading Lessons with Guy Gentile

Continued access to the complete Ultimate Pro-Trader Course including the Day Trader Starter Kit and Day Trading Essentials.

Lifetime access to Guy’s library of LIVE trading + Pre-market videos.

Additional FREE six (6) months access to the DayTrader Pro LIVE Trading room.

30-Day Trading Simulator.

Guy’s 9 tips to becoming a seven-figure trader.

Course Content:

Intro to Course
About This Course
1 Disclaimer
2 Course benefits
3 How this course was filmed
4 About your three-month live day trading room access
Meet Guy
5 What makes Guy qualified
6 How Guy learned about the market?
7 How Guy trades now
8 How Guy got started
9 How Guy dealt with naysayers

Getting Started: Day Trading Basics
Things to know before you start trading
10 Managing your money
11 Risk and reward
12 Risk management
13 Taking breaks

Understanding Day Trading Strategies
14 Automated strategy
15 ECN strategy
16 SEC Downtick rule
17 Liquidity strategy
18 Options strategy
19 SOES strategy
20 Split strategy
21 Alpha indicator strategy
22 Trading news strategy

Live Market Trading Lessons
23 Live market trading: Day 1
a. Live Trading: Day 1
24 Live Market Trading: Day 2
a. Sell the News
b. Open Bell
c. GERN – Short play
d. NFEC – Stock halt
e. NFEC – Recap
25 Live Market Trading: Day 3
a. Set up your Day
b. Open Bell
c. Scaling In
d. Recap
e. Recap of Trades
26 Live Market Trading: Day 4
a. Event Driven
b. Fed Rate Hike
c. SQ Target
d. Trading news strategy
27 Live Market Trading: Day 5
a. Options Premium Strategy
b. Pump Strategy
c. Selling the Hype
d. Short Squeeze
28 Live Market Trading: Day 6
a. IPO intro DBX
b. GEO Political Event
c. MU Range Orders

Fundamentals of Day Trading
Day Trading 101
29 Three (3) technical indicators
30 Four (4) types of set-ups
31 Candlesticks
32 Dark pool orders
33 Reported earnings
34 Identify a big seller
35 Identify short squeeze
36 Keltner overview
37 Max dollar stop Loss
38 Morning preparation
39 Obtaining float data
40 Pump scheme/Stock manipulation
41 SEC Downtick rule
42 Stock trading halt
43 Thinly traded stocks
44 Vengeance trading
45 When a stock moves
46 SSR (Short Sale Rule)
47 Understanding after hours time and sales
Day Trading: How to…
48 How to average into a position
49 How to utilize hotkeys
50 How to research
51 How to short
52 How to place a buy order
53 How to work your order
54 How to read options for support and resistance
55 How to read MACD Fake Outs

Guy’s Pro Tips to Becomimg a Successful Day Trader
56 Be ready to take an opportunity
57 Be adaptive
58 Be successful: No stress
59 Be successful: Clear your head
60 Be successful: Cut losses (Part 1)
61 Be successful: Cut losses (Part 2)
62 Be successful: Reset everyday
63 Having a co-pilot while trading
64 Beware of demo accounts


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